About The Leadership Connexion

The Leadership Connexion Blog is the outcome of a joint passion for Leadership Development, Writing and Teaching.  My aim is to make the connection between leadership, business, social entrepreneurship and a successful life.  I hope you find the information on the website useful and I would love to get feedback on the posts you particularly enjoyed in the comment section.  Also let me know if you didn’t enjoy a post so I can do better next time.

The Leadership Connexion at a Glance

Short Summary of the Content Structure on The Leadership Connexion.

Business Leadership

Exploring the dynamics of leading people in your organization and teams.  Read More About It…

Personal Leadership

The Personal Leadership Category deals with the personal development of the leader.   Read More About It…

Social Leadership

The Social Leadership Category focus on the change Leaders can bring to the social arena.   Read More About It …

Future Leadership

“How will leadership look in the future?”  Read More About It…

More About Leadership Connexion Author: Joseph Hawking

I have a passion for people & leadership development and since I discovered my mom’s old typewriter as a boy, I have written in some form or another.

My professional experience spans across various business disciplines, including Training, Project Management, Human Resource Management and Finance.  I have a MBA degree and I am co-founder of an Industrial Water Treatment Company.

I am part of the Leadership for The International Mentoring Network (IMN), South African Chapter, where I am a regular Idea Studio Facilitator and Annual IMN Conference Speaker.  I believe that the highest form of living is using what you are blessed with to add value to other people’s lives.