The Hidden Cost of Leadership

Credibility and integrity are currency of leadership. It is with these two things that leaders lead. The more or less they have of them, the more or less influence they have. Leaders with no or little integrity have no authority to demand the same of those they lead. Before people decide to follow you, they want [...]

Leadership Quotes to Challenge, Inspire and Motivate You

Leadership quotes are like little nuggets of wisdom relevant for a multitude of situations. I love them! I love the moments of brilliance captured from great minds, inspiring me to think and analyze my approach to or thoughts on a specific situation.  If you are like me, I am certain you will enjoy this list [...]

Little Known Secrets Behind Successful Women Leaders

The business world has come a long way from the time when women leaders were a rare phenomenon. Today, it is not uncommon to see women leading big businesses with great success. Successful women get to the top through hard work, perseverance and displaying strong leadership abilities.  It takes real strength to be successful in [...]

The Leadership Dilemma: Should You Set Short- or Long-Term Objectives?

About the author Greg Dorban is a Demand Generation Professional helping global companies to create more opportunities in their marketing and sales programmes.  He is Head of Inbound Marketing with strategic consultation on search, social, web, conversion and content at Ledger Bennett, a specialist B2B agency. When you are in a leadership role, a large part [...]

9 Warning Signs Your Leadership is Failing

I have failed. Not to long ago I had a very difficult conversation with a talented supervisor in my business, explaining to him the reasons why we have to downsize our business and his job was one of the jobs we have to cut.  We made some mistakes in our decisions, which turned out to cost our business dearly.  I [...]

How To Develop Your Leadership Skills For Career Success

 “Geniuses are born but leaders are made.” If this saying is true, its good news for aspiring leaders.  It means, even if you are not born with strong leadership traits, you can still develop into an excellent leader.  Leadership skills are important for career advancement and it is therefore important to develop your leadership skills [...]

9 Reasons a Leader Should Use Groups in Decision Making

This article by Shaun Rosenberg highlights the importance for a leader of involving the team or group in the decision-making process, thereby helping them to grow as well.  He is the author of the Shaun Rosenberg Blog.  His blog is for everyone looking to change for the better.  He writes about personal growth and motivation. As a leader you make decisions [...]

The 2020 Top 20 Leadership Blogs You Should Read

“Leaders are readers” I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before.  Although it may be a bit of a cliché, I for one believe it to be true.  I created this resource list of the top 20 business and leadership blogs specifically based on this “cliché”.   I believe the business and leadership writers featured in this list will [...]

A “TO-BE” List for Aspiring Leaders [Featured Post]

This featured post was first published by Angela Maiers on her blog at  She has graciously given me permission to make some structural changes and to republish it on my blog. I have the privilege each year of speaking to auditoriums full of aspiring young leaders, anxious to go out into the world and make their mark. [...]