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It is the source of creative genius – the hub from where we find solutions and change culture.

It is the only currency you as a leader have full control over.

A positive mind-set is one of the most important commodities a leader must cultivate and defend aggressively.  By having a positive mind-set, focussed on dealing with challenges and finding solutions, you as a leader can better give direction in difficult times.

Do not confuse positive thinking with ignoring problems, discounting challenges, or living in denial. Positive thinking is a state of mind. It acknowledges problems, but knows creative and solution orientated thinking enables you to address the issue. Continue Reading…

My wife received a Pacypodium Lamerei, also known as the Madagascar Palm, a couple of years ago as a gift.  Since then the plant became a part of the household and grew nicely until about two years ago, when we moved to another house and subsequently the Madagascar Palm got a new spot in our new living room.

Then the trouble began.  It seemed as if the plant’s growth became stunted and it started to lose its leaves one by one.  This continued until it had only one leave left.  New shoots appeared but after a short while turned black, shriveled and fell off.  We tried everything we could think off.  We gave it more water.  Then we gave it less water. We made sure the soil was right and we gave it fertilizer, moved it around the room, but nothing seemed to work.  It seemed like the plant was hanging on to life by a thread.

Finally, part out of desperation and part because we made peace with the fact that the plant is at the end of its life, we moved it to the porch.

Then something almost magical happened.  Within a week of living on the porch, new leaves began to appear!  Within a month, it had a healthy crown of lively green leaves.  Now it is thriving, as is evident from the picture below.

Personal Leadership Wisdom From a Pot Plant

One day we where admiring the vibrance with which the plant now

grows, my wife remarked;  ”People are exactly the same as this plant.  We changed its environment and suddenly it got its life back again.  If people are not in the right environment, they will also die a slow emotional death.”Her remark really made me  think about people and leadership and I learnt the following  from our Madagascar Palm and my wife’s insight. Continue Reading…

In this article, Anita Campbell highlights the importance of Personal Development for Entrepreneurs.  She provides three methods to make sure that Personal Development is a focal point for the Entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur’s Need for Personal Development

Entrepreneurs come in all varieties. Some have years of formal education, while some didn’t finish high school. Some have formal training in their chosen field, and others just have a natural talent, knack, or passion for the field they pursue. But what all entrepreneurs have in common is the need for entrepreneur personal development. Continue Reading…

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How important is goal setting for you?  I guess on a scale of one to ten you might give it a three, maybe a four.  This is a fairly low score for something so important for success.

This makes me wonder; why would you give goal setting such a low score?

Why do we shy away from goal setting, even though we know how powerful it is in personal success?

Goal Setting Lead to Success Continue Reading…

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The Zen of Contribution

October 25, 2018

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” - John Bunyon

I drive past a traffic light newspaper seller every day on my way to the office.  One day I drove to a nearby shopping centre for lunch.  On my way there I passed this newspaper seller, still selling newspapers in the hot summer sun.

As I walked through the food store trying to make up my mind what to eat, I thought about the newspaper man working in the sun.  Along with my lunch I also bought an extra 500ml coke and a sandwich.

As I approached the traffic light I pulled over and motioned the man to come over.  He eagerly ran to me hoping to sell a paper.  Great was his surprise when I offered him lunch, which he eagerly accepted with a grateful smile. Continue Reading…

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Inexperienced Leaders sometimes gets confused between power and leadership. They think that power, shown through exercising authority and taking charge, or being in a position to tell others what to do is leadership.  However power and leadership are two very different things. Power is a tool that can only be used effectively by Leaders, far down the path of Generosity, Wisdom and Humility. Power used in the absence of these three leadership characteristics leads to Pride and its destructive consequences.

Sustainable Leaders Moves Away From Pride Continue Reading…

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Wisdom is often associated with old age.  This presupposes wisdom is directly linked to life experience, which means you will only be able to lead wisely when you are old.  This is not entirely true.  Although life experience does play a role in gaining wisdom, is also something you can develop and actively pursue.  The pathway presented here is one way to pursue greater wisdom in you leadership role.

A Key Skill for Sustainable Leaders Continue Reading…

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Many of you may have heard the story of King Midas.  He was a very wealthy king and loved gold very much.  One day Dionyssus, the god of wine and revelry gave him one wish.  Midas wished for everything he touched to turn to gold.  Soon everything around him was gold, but his greed cost him dearly, since even his daughter had turned into gold at his touch and he ran the risk of losing the whole kingdom.

Sustainable Leaders are Generous Continue Reading…

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I recently missed an important deadline on a project due to procrastination.  I had to submit an outline on an article and due to simple procrastination I missed the deadline.  I was able to move the get the deadline extended, but not without a fair amount of embarrassment.  I am sure this has happened to you as well, maybe many times?  This embarrassing event highlighted the danger of procrastination and its effect on various areas of our lives.

The Imperceptible Effect of Procrastination

Procrastination has a devastating effect on our margin. Continue Reading…

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Goals are not the Goal

August 30, 2018

One of the main factors attributed to failure, is the absence of clear and measurable goals. However, Anthony Robbins said that: “Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction.  The only reason we really pursue goals is to cause ourselves to expand and grow. Achieving goals by themselves will never make us happy in the long run.  It’s who you become, as you overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give you the deepest and most long-lasting sense of fulfilment.”

Therefore goals are never an end in itself. Many people lack a sense of fulfilment when achieving goals, because the role  goals play, is distorted to something it was never meant to be.  This is why many people abandon the whole discipline of setting and achieving goals, denying them one of the most powerful tools to achieve real success when used correctly.

Putting Goals in its Right Place

Goals are subject to a predefined Life Plan or Mission.  Thinking up goals in the absence of a well-defined end picture will bring you nowhere even if you achieve all the goals you can come up with.

The goal setting process is a very powerful way to focusing your thinking with regards to your ideal future.  This process is subject to this ideal future being created first. Your life mission must be the driving force, indicating the direction you want your life to take. It is only when you have defined your personal success, with a clear picture of what you want your legacy to be like, that you can embark on the process of goal setting. Continue Reading…

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An important part of personal leadership is to guard against overload.  As leaders we often tend to take on more than we should causing overload.

Overloading has a dangerous imperceptible effect on the truth we believe about our lives and our personal success.  It influences how we live and make decisions. Allowing overload in our lives leads to unnecessary busyness, achieving little of permanent value and leading to unnecessary regrets.

It is not the load but the OVERLOAD that kills.” – Spanish Proverb.

It is impossible to get away from carrying some load in our lives.  It is however as the Spanish proverb says, not the load but the overload that kills. Continue Reading…

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“What does it mean to achieve personal success?” This is a question I believe many people struggle with on a daily basis.  I further believe that very few people aspire to an unsuccessful life.  It would therefore be safe to assume that most people would like to achieve a measure of personal success in their lives.

Personal Success is Personal

Focusing is on personal success as opposed to success in general indicates that personal success is not the same for everybody. Continue Reading…

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