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You’ve got this desire to make a difference.  It seems like everyone else is getting involved in their communities, creating the social change you want to initiate.  You find yourself often wondering if there is a set of principles these social leaders live by.

If this describes how you often feel, chances are you are a budding social leader.  Social leaders look differently at the world around us.  Where other people see problems and hardships, social leaders see opportunities for change and contribution.

Five Principles Social Leaders Live Their Life By Continue Reading…

Social Leadership lies in the courage of individuals, taking responsibility for improving themselves and their community.  Social Leaders create beauty in the world.  They lift the vision of humanity and broaden our possibilities.  Social Leadership focuses on deepening our life experience.

Outcomes of Social Leadership

The key outcomes from Social Leadership are protecting freedom, preserving peace and ensuring prosperity for as many individuals as possible. Continue Reading…

We are often led to believe that Social Leadership is something out of reach for ordinary people.  The perception is often created through the media that ordinary people cannot be Social Leaders.  It seems you have to be in some kind of grand leadership position to make a difference in society.  Social Leadership focussed on making change in society seems to be the domain of big names, living on stages and podiums, doing things worthy of being published on Time Magazine’s front page. Leadership, glorified by the media, is something out there, seemingly far removed from the everyday struggle you and I face. Continue Reading…

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