Five Components of a Solid Leadership Framework

 A Leadership Framework provides a lot of security when leading in uncertain times.  I like structure, therefore feel very comfortable with guidelines or limits within which to operate.  In a leadership role it gives me a lot of comfort and security to know that there is a leadership framework within which I can work.   The question might be asked whether such a framework is not restrictive when it comes to leading people with creativity and innovation.  My answer to that is, that the framework that I want to suggest in this post, actually sets you free.  It enables you to withstand critical scrutiny of your leadership.

Leading From a Leadership Framework

This leadership framework enables you to cultivate a robust and strong leadership culture and contain of the following:


Integrity is often mentioned when discussing character based leadership, or when highlighting key qualities of leadership.  I do believe that integrity forms the core of a solid leadership framework.  Integrity holds the leadership framework together and prevents the organization from weakening and leadership from collapsing under scrutiny.


Taking responsibility is much harder than it seems.  This means that you are accountable for your actions and decisions.  It forces you to deal first hand with the consequences of your actions and decisions.  Taking responsibility within the leadership framework means that the buck stops with you.


A key component of a solid leadership framework is interdependence.  Sometimes it is difficult to acknowledge that you actually need other people.  However it is a measure of leadership maturity to be able to acknowledge that you depend on people just as much as they depend on you.   This means that you need to be both dependant and dependable.


Innovation blossoms in environments where people have the freedom to express themselves, take risks an air their opinions.  Leading within a solid leadership framework means that you, as the leader, allow people the freedom to innovate and come up with new ideas and solutions to problems and challenges.  This means that people within the organization need to know that their opinions are valued and their ideas welcome.


Closely related to Interdependence is Collaboration.  The leadership framework creates opportunities for cross functional collaboration, where the leader brings together pockets of excellence from various disciplines to create new and creative solutions to dynamic problems. Collaboration strengthens communication and invites everyone to take part in the dialogue and in the creation of solutions.

The Leadership Framework Results

The leadership framework illustrated above makes it possible for leaders to stand the un-comfortableness of scrutiny because their integrity is intact.  It gives you a platform from which to discuss problems because you have taken responsibility for your actions and can focus on the solution.  The leader knows he/she is not alone in the situation because they can depend on the people and leadership team for assistance and support because they are interdependent on one another.  Leading from a solid leadership framework gives you confidence in finding creative solutions through collaboration.

Effective Leadership therefore is not based on some mystical abilities that very few of us possess.  Effective Leadership is based within a solid leadership framework.


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