How to End Leadership Lethargy

It happened to me not too long ago.  During a rather painful conversation with a respected mentor, he pointed out that I was lagging in my leadership performance.  I was lethargic.  It seemed as if I just lost the lust for life and in my dealings with people I came across as listless and tired.  I did not even realize this until my mentor confronted me with this truth during the conversation.  I had to pull myself together fast, since it had a negative impact on my leadership and my performance as a leader in my organization.

Maybe you have been there, or are there now.  Your leadership seems to sag and your emotional energy levels are at an all-time low.  How do you get yourself out of this slump?

Personal Leadership Takes Responsibility for the Situation

I learnt in my personal leadership you first of all have to take responsibility for the situation.  As soon as you realise you are responsible for the situation, it becomes easy to take responsibility to get yourself out of the situation.

Then you have to get working.  By practising three disciplines on a daily basis, you can pull yourself free from this leadership lethargy.

Listen to Your Language

The way you talk and the words you use play a major role in your emotional wellbeing and your state of mind.  Keep track of the words you regularly use for a week by writing them down.

Are they positive or negative words?

What words do you need to use less of?

What positive words can you incorporate in your vocabulary?

Negative words break down your believe in yourself, it demotivates you and steal your emotional energy.  Actively change your thought pattern and therefore your words to keep you positive, to motivate you and to build your confidence.

Listen to Your Heart

Find a place and time to become silent and attune yourself to your emotions and feelings.  Relive events where you felt happy and energized.  Keep these memories in the forefront of your mind.  The brain is very powerful, but cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy.  So if you recall and relive events where you felt happy and energised the brain will record these memories as if you are actually reliving it again.

Take Your Leadership in a New Direction

Leadership lethargy breeds in monotony.  When you don’t have a new challenge on a regular basis, you run the risk of becoming lethargic.  To prevent this you must become an explorer.

Explore new areas of your life.  Explore a new direction in your career.  Keep on the move and keep challenging yourself.

The challenge is to discipline oneself to constantly work through these questions.  Check your language, listen to your heart and always be on the lookout for new paths leading to exiting and undiscovered worlds.

What changes must you make in your language to motivate yourself and build confidence?

What are the steps you need to take to ensure your life is a constant journey of discovery?

About the author

Joseph Hawking has a passion for people & leadership development and since he discovered his mom’s old typewriter as a boy, have been writing in some form or another. He is part of the Leadership for The International Mentoring Network, where he is a regular Idea Studio Facilitator and Annual IMN Conference Speaker. He believes that the highest form of living is using what you have been blessed with, to add value to other people’s lives. He has been publishing The Leadership Connexion blog since August 2018.