Most Popular Posts in February 2019

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It is hard to believe I am compiling the top ten most popular posts for the second month of the year already!  The second month of the year also brought new readers and new trends in the top ten most popular posts being read on my blog during the month.

To the return visitors, thank you for reading and to the first time visitors, welcome.  Maybe you missed some posts on my blog or this is the first time you are reading it, therefore I would like to give you a quick overview of the top ten most popular posts of February 2019 and a bit of background on each post, where applicable.

The Top Ten Most Popular Posts on The Leadership Connexion During February 2019:

1.   Three Ways to Make Time For Personal Development

This was the very last post published in February and it became one of the most popular posts, as it shot to number one in terms of the most read post on the blog in February.  This is a article by Anita Campbell, CEO of Bizsugar, an online community of small business owners and highlights the importance of Personal Development for Entrepreneurs.

2.   Leadership Style According to Three Leadership Thought Leaders

This post was published on 25th January 2019.  I felt like writing a bit more formal and theoretical and therefore explored three theories of thought leadership very briefly in this post.

3.   Leaders Think: Positive

This post is consistently one of the top popular posts and was published on 15 August 2018.  It was the first part of a short series of three posts about the thinking processes of leaders.  The posts in the series was based on a talk I gave at the International Mentoring Network‘s annual conference on a New Evolution in Extreme Thinking for Leaders.

4.   Leadership Lessons From a Pot Plant

This post was based on the remarkable recovery of a dying pot plant when we  moved it outside to basically let it die in peace.  The change in environment made the difference and I thought about how the same is true for people as well.  This is the second post actually published in February to make it to the top 10 most popular posts.  It was published on 13 February 2019.

5.   A Strong Leader Develop Independent People

This is one of my older posts making it to the top 10 most popular posts this month.  The post was published on 20 June 2018 and focused on the importance of leadership to enable people to think for themselves.

6.   Three Key Responsibilities to Effective Leadership

This post focused on the responsibility a leader has to develop people to be able to fill the leader’s shoes when the time comes for the leader to move on.  It was published on 17 December 2018.

7.   Creating a Better Future World

This post was published on 9 January 2019.  Being a bit of an armchair futurist, I am intrigued by the future and how technological and human developments will influence how we lead and how we interact on a social level in the future.

8.   Sustainable Leadership Grows to Wisdom

This is the oldest post to make it on the top 10 most popular posts for February 2019, being published on 20 October 2017.  This post was the second in a short series of three posts dealing with the development journey a leader has to undergo to grow both personally as well as in leadership effectiveness.  This  post series was inspired by a talk by Alex McManus, the founder of the International Mentoring Network.

9.   How Great Leaders Inspire Action

This post was published on 2 November 2018.  I particularly enjoyed the talk by Simon Sinek about the importance and process of action taken by leaders.  In essence leadership is dynamic and cannot be successful without decisive action.

10.  Three Reasons Why Vision is Important for Leaders

This post was published on 19 October 2018. “Is vision really that important for successful leadership?” This is the question this post tried to answer, since I was thinking and reading a lot on vision during the time I wrote this post.

In this list of popular posts for February 2019, only two of the posts was actually written and published in February.  The bulk of the posts once again as in January, came from my archives over the last year.

Thanks for reading and do not be shy to leave your thoughts in the comment section.