The Mystery of Effective Leaders Demystified

So you’ve read last week’s post on cultivating the 5 leadership qualities of effective leaders and I can hear you ask:

“So what?”

“What is the payoff for me to cultivate these qualities, when it seems like it will need a lot of personal change on my side?”

And you would be right.  It would be pointless to spent large amounts of time and energy on something making a lot of philosophical sense, but no real world benefit.  I surely will not make the effort if there is not a definite payoff in it for me.

Then I think back to my rough day I told you about last week.  On that particular day my leadership framework failed me.  I had no real point of reference against which I could measure my performance or the lack thereof.  Effective leadership seemed like a mystery to me.

Making the Qualities of Effective Leaders Real

Effective leadership is no mystery, if you can practise the qualities of effective leaders.  The mystery disappears when you look at the practical application of last week’s leadership qualities.

  • Integrity withstands scrutiny.  Cultivating an unquestionable level of integrity helps you withstand even the most intense scrutiny.
  • Effective problem solving.  Effective leaders are leaders who have taken responsibility for their decisions and actions.  If you take responsibility you can better deal with problems as they arise because you are not looking for excuses or rationalizations of why the problem occurred.
  • Solid team work.  Effective leaders work very hard to build a team interdependent on one another.  This means you are not alone when challenges arise.  You know you can depend on your fellow leaders and team members to assist and support where necessary.
  • Innovative solution creation.  Effective leaders cultivate a culture of innovation.  The best way to cultivate such a culture is through collaboration.  When your team work well together, collaborating on various issues, it increases the level of innovation.  It becomes easier to come up with creative solutions to problems.

Effective Leaders is Not Mystical

Effective leaders therefore do not have some mystical ability very few of us have been endowed with. Effective leadership can be taught and programmed within a robust set of leadership qualities.  Integrating these leadership qualities into your everyday life, leadership is no longer a role you fulfil, but it becomes a way of life.

What other qualities would you add?

About Joseph Hawking

I have a passion for people & leadership development and since I discovered my mom’s old typewriter as a boy, I have written in some form or another.
I started blogging in 2017 and in August 2018, I started The Leadership Connexion with the aim to make the connection between Business, Leadership and Life. My professional experience span across various business disciplines, including Training, Project Management, Human Resource Management and Finance. I have a MBA degree and I am co-founder and director of a Project Management Company.
I am part of the Leadership for The International Mentoring Network (IMN), South African Chapter, where I am a regular Idea Studio Facilitator and Annual IMN Conference Speaker. I believe that the highest form of living is using what you are blessed with to add value to other people’s lives.


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