The Hidden Cost of Leadership

Credibility and integrity are currency of leadership. It is with these two things that leaders lead. The more or less they have of them, the more or less influence they have. Leaders with no or little integrity have no authority to demand the same of those they lead. Before people decide to follow you, they want [...]

Leadership Quotes to Challenge, Inspire and Motivate You

Leadership quotes are like little nuggets of wisdom relevant for a multitude of situations. I love them! I love the moments of brilliance captured from great minds, inspiring me to think and analyze my approach to or thoughts on a specific situation.  If you are like me, I am certain you will enjoy this list [...]

A “TO-BE” List for Aspiring Leaders [Featured Post]

This featured post was first published by Angela Maiers on her blog at  She has graciously given me permission to make some structural changes and to republish it on my blog. I have the privilege each year of speaking to auditoriums full of aspiring young leaders, anxious to go out into the world and make their mark. [...]

Four Ways to Maintain a Positive Mind-Set as a Leader

Our thoughts… It is the source of creative genius – the hub from where we find solutions and change culture. It is the only currency you as a leader have full control over. A positive mind-set is one of the most important commodities a leader must cultivate and defend aggressively.  By having a positive mind-set, focused on dealing with [...]

What a Madagascar Palm Can Teach You About Personal Leadership

My wife received a Pacypodium Lamerei, also known as the Madagascar Palm, a couple of years ago as a gift.  Since then the plant became a part of the household and grew nicely until about two years ago, when we moved to another house and subsequently the Madagascar Palm got a new spot in our [...]

How to Become a Good Listener

The art of being a good listener is key to your Leadership success.  Being a good listener improves communication and makes it easier for you to effectively lead your people.  In this article Jemma Scott highlights four critical factors to be a better listener. Communication is a vital factor in relationships, both personal and [...]

The Leadership Power of Introverts

The strong emphasis society puts on being Extroverted, creates an unfair bias against Introverts.  It is normally the outgoing, sociable person who gets the promotion or who plays the hero in a move.  Very seldom does one see the same hype around an Introverted person.  Simply due to the nature of an introverted person,  he [...]

Three Ways to Make Time For Personal Development

In this article, Anita Campbell highlights the importance of Personal Development for Entrepreneurs.  She provides three methods to make sure that Personal Development is a focal point for the Entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur’s Need for Personal Development Entrepreneurs come in all varieties. Some have years of formal education, while some didn’t finish high school. Some have formal [...]

Goal Setting Not Working For You? Here’s Why

How important is goal setting for you?  I guess on a scale of one to ten you might give it a three, maybe a four.  This is a fairly low score for something so important for success. This makes me wonder; why would you give goal setting such a low score? Why do we shy [...]

The Zen of Contribution

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” - John Bunyon I drive past a traffic light newspaper seller every day on my way to the office.  One day I drove to a nearby shopping centre for lunch.  On my way there I passed this newspaper seller, [...]