6 Indispensable Qualities of a Successful Social Leader

I am sure those of you filling the role of a social leader, working to bring lasting social change to your community, will agree with me – social leadership is hard.  It is definitely not for the easily discouraged.  Sometimes you work for months, even years to bring about change and seldom see any progress [...]

Desmond Tutu’s Take on Servant Leadership

“One day, I was standing in the street with my mother when a white man in a priest’s clothing walked past. As he passed us he took off his hat to my mother. I couldn’t believe my eyes – a white man who greeted a black working class woman!” – Desmond Tutu This was one [...]

The 5 Most Crucial Life Principles of Social Leaders

Do you’ve often have the desire to make a difference as other Social Leaders do? Do you often wonder how you can become more involved in your community, creating  social change? You find yourself often wondering if there is a set of principles a social leader live by. If you’ve answered yes to theses questions, [...]

Social Leadership is the Key to Social Change

Social Leadership lies in the courage of individuals, taking responsibility for improving themselves and their community.  Social Leaders create beauty in the world.  They lift the vision of humanity and broaden our possibilities.  Social Leadership focuses on deepening our life experience. Outcomes of Social Leadership The key outcomes from Social Leadership are protecting freedom, preserving [...]

Social Leadership Means Lead Where You Are

Social Leadership,  focused on making a change in society,  seems to be the domain of big names.  These people live on stages and podiums, doing things worthy of being published on Time Magazine’s front page. Social Leadership, glorified by the media, is something out there, seemingly far removed from the everyday struggle you and I face. Social Leadership [...]